7 Tips To Create A Good LinkedIn Profile For Fresher


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Every professional today knows about LinkedIn. In case you don’t then let me bring you up to speed – It is a social media site that is designed with the sole purpose of connecting professionals from similar backgrounds. This means that you can create your career profile and connect with the right people to find the job of your dreams. It is not only used by job seekers but also by head hunters, HR managers and freelancers who are looking to network. However, today my sole focus is to give you some handy tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile for fresher.Linkedin guide for students by Rebellion Rider


      1. Get a Good Headshot – The very first step towards making a good LinkedIn profile for fresher is to get the photo right. Always remember that LinkedIn may be a social media but in the end it is a professional platform. You are here to make professional connections and hence your photo should reflect the spirit. Having said that, it is not necessary that you run to a photo studio for a good headshot instead you can click one at home easily. All you need is a good quality camera and steady hands. Unlike your photo studio, it is a one-time investment and cameras are multipurpose. You can check out this
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      2. Short & Crisp Headline – Being able to express yourself in short but effective words is a talent preferable by many companies in their young recruits. Any good LinkedIn profile for fresher is incomplete without a good headline. Although LinkedIn by default creates your headline using your profile information yet it is always the best idea to write your custom LinkedIn headline including your specialty. Wrap it up in 10 words and try to insert keywords to make your profile searchable.
      3. Weave an effective summary – It’s not possible for everyone to be a wordsmith and write a mind-blowing LinkedIn summary for freshers. However it is quite possible for any of you to write about your college project, internship or summer job in bullet points. You need not write complete History but try to keep it clear and precise explaining what exactly did you do & achieved. A powerful LinkedIn profile summary can open many doors for you.
      4. Flaunt your good grades – If you are a bright student, then there is no shame in telling your future recruiters about it. Grades and certifications are very important tools to attract recruiters to a good LinkedIn profile for fresher, especially since you don’t have a prior full-time job experience.
      5. Connect with the right people – Creating a great LinkedIn profile for fresh college graduate is not enough. You need to create connections with the right people. Send connection requests with your own personalized message to the people working in your desired industry. Automated messages are a strict no-no as they are almost always ignored.
      6. Share your customized URL – So now that you have a good Linked In profile for fresher at hand, your next step should be sharing it on your other social media platforms. Make sure to customize the URL for better effect. If you have a website, then put LinkedIn profile badge on your website for a greater impact. Some of your visitors may become interested in recruiting you or for that matter, recommending you to their fellow recruiters. Check out an example of LinkedIn badge on a website7 Tips To Create A Good LinkedIn Profile For Fresher! RebellionRider
      7. Use LinkedIn Post To Your Advantage – LinkedIn post is a great way to show your writing skills to the recruiters as well as enhance the SEO of your LinkedIn fresher profile. Then again, make sure that you publish such things that may help the HR manager know your skills. Random ramblings about your “crazy summer holiday in Mexico” may not be a very good idea. Also, posts should be short and timed at regular intervals. Embed any relevant presentations in the post using SlideShare. Embedding your YouTube videos are also a good option. However the relevance should always be kept in mind.

So these are some tips on making a good LinkedIn profile for fresher. Remember to proof-read again and again as well as try to fill as much of the profile as you can. If you have any other interesting tip to add then do comment below. It is always good to learn something new.

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