Best Budget Buy – JJC-MC2 Memory Card Case

JJC-MC2 Memory card case – Enjoy Multiple Features At Low Prices!

Being a part-time blogger and YouTube Video Producer, photos and videos are my prized possession. Losing them is the last thing I will ever wish for. But recently it happened, one of my SD cards failed due to which I lost all the photos for a project that I was working on. I tried every possible way to recover them but unfortunately, nothing worked. It was the start of the path that led me to this wonderful JJC – MC2 Memory Card Case.

Best Budget waterproof Memory Card Wallet JJC-MC2 By Manish Sharma Rebellion Rider

This accident made me realize that I was not being careful about my SD Cards. So I decided to buy something in which I can store them and ensure their safety. Something which can save my SD cards from dust – Alas! the arch enemy of all storage devices, water and other possible damages. What could be better than something which satisfies all these requirements and comes under 500 INR or $8.

Keeping in mind all these points, I started my search and found this JJC-MC2 Memory card case on Amazon. Originally this memory card case is priced at 499INR (7.5$) however it was available for just 309INR (4.6$) on Amazon and fit all my needs. To my delight, I got a whopping 38% discount and saved much more than what I may have on other online retail sites.

This JJC-MC2 Memory card case is a must-have for you if you are one of the following:

  • Amateur photographer in love with taking pictures
  • Professional photographer
  • New DSLR camera owners ( In case you aren’t one and planning to be, then check out this amazing budget DSLR camera. Currently I’m using it & love it!)
  • If you are someone whose work/study requires you to take a lot of pictures for projects and save it.
  • If you are someone who is saving a huge amount of data in SD cards and need its safe keeping.

Enjoy Delightful Advantages In Your Budget!

  1. Protection from External Damage

This memory card wallet is made up of good quality polycarbonate material that makes it tough and rigid hence helps in saving your memory cards from all kinds of external damages.Tough & Rigid Memory Card Wallet JJC-MC2 By Manish Sharma Rebellion Rider

  1. Water Resistant

Because of the low density of polycarbonate material this wallet does not sink into the water (Archimedes’ principle). Also, the company has provided a good quality rubber seal and lock which holds both the lids very tightly and does not let even a tiny bit of dust or water sneak in.Waterproof Memory SD card case

  1. Plenty of storage

Interior of the JJC MC-2 memory case has slots for 8 SD-HC/SD-XC and 4 CF memory cards, crafted into a good quality soft rubber, that are tailored to fit the cards perfectly. All my cards fit firmly into the slots and do not move from their positions at all. But in case if you are looking for an option to store more than 8 SD cards then you can check JJC MC-SDMSD24 which can hold up to 12 Memory cards.JJC-MC2 Memory card case can store 8 SD cards and 4 CF cards

Get Lovely Benefits At Pocket-Friendly Prices!

Polycarbonate body and a good quality rubber seal ensure the protection of your memory cards from all external and internal damages. Your cards will be well protected from dust and water that in turn increases their life and save your data. More importantly, all these advantages come in just 500INR (5$) or below.

My Experience with JJC-MC2 memory card wallet

It’s been over 2 weeks since I am using it and I haven’t faced any problems. I won’t lie, I dropped it twice but nothing happened as such all the locks and hinges are still working perfectly. Yes, I admit that it has some weight which makes me uncomfortable in holding this memory card wallet in my pocket.

But overall it’s the best buy. Think it’s the perfect fit for you then buy now!

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